Online Water Testing

Online water testing

Testing your water is easy

Just dip an Aqua Chem 6-Way Test Strip into your water, enter the results and follow the recommendations.

What do you get?

Everything you need to balance your water, including a personalized analysis with recommended products, application instructions, shopping list and store locator.

Why should I test my water?

When pool levels change, water can become cloudy and irritate skin and eyes. Testing helps to balance levels for water that's clear and comfortable.

How to test

To begin testing, you'll need Aqua Chem 6-Way Test Strips in order to get a complete analysis of your pool water.

For the best results, always make sure your water test sample is taken from "elbow" depth in the pool and away from any water return lines. When a sample is taken from the surface or close to the water returns, you're more likely to get unreliable results because of the effects of sunlight and environmental conditions on water.

Finally, be sure to replace your test reagents or test strips with fresh product at the beginning of each pool season. Using older reagents and strips could give you unreliable readings due to conditions such as age, heat, high humidity, etc.