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The Benefits of Chlorine

Simply put, Sanitizing your pool refers to killing or inactivating potentially harmful microorganisms.  You’re controlling the growth of microorganisms to help prevent disease introduced into the pool such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.  Not to worry, when you regularly chlorinate your pool with a chlorine sanitizer, you kill these pathogens that can harm swimmers and turn your sparkling pool into a green swamp.  For proper sanitation, your “free available chlorine” level should always fall between 1 to 4 ppm. 

When to Chlorinate

When your pool's "free available" level is outside of the correct range of 1 to 4 ppm, it's necessary to add chlorine to your pool water.  Aqua Chem's 6-Way Test Strips and Smart Strips accurately measure this level.  Testing at least weekly is crucial in keeping your pool water free of undesirable contaminants. 1 to 4 ppm must be maintained at all times.  

How to Chlorinate

Aqua Chem's chlorine products allow you to chlorinate continuously through a floating dispenser, skimmer or automatic chlorinator.  They are slow dissolving and contain built-in stabilizer to protect the chlorine from sunlight burn-off.

Fun Fact – Swimmers add sweat, urine, suntan lotion, and other contaminants that require the use of more chlorine.  A medium size dog is the equivalent of 50 swimmers!