3 shock

The Benefits of Shock

When you add a shock treatment to your pool, you remove contaminants that cause cloudy water, chlorine odor and eye irritation—not to mention preventing future problems and reducing the need for other chemicals.  All shocks will clear cloudy water and reduce chlorine odor.  Shock PLUS and Xtra Blue offer additional benefits of improving filter performance, pH Neutral, and you can re-enter the pool in 15 minutes.  Shock Xtra Blue takes it a step further, killing both bacteria and algae.

When to Shock

Shocking weekly as part of your maintenance program for best results is preferred.  Heavy pool usage, rain, or simply hazy, cloudy water may prompt you to shock more often.  For application instructions, please refer to the back of the specific shock you are using.  Shock PLUS and Xtra Blue are meant to be broadcast around the deep end of the pool.

Fun Fact - Proper sanitizing kills microorganisms, shocking weekly removes these contaminants through something called oxidation.