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The Benefits of Algae Prevention and Control

Algae enters your pool by rain, wind and fill water. Leave it unchecked and your water will quickly become unusable—clogging filters, reducing water circulation and effectiveness of pool chemicals.

Types of Algae

Green Algae – Perhaps the most common algae pool owners encounter, it’s also the easiest to prevent and treat. Found in all types of pools, green algae can be free floating or surface clinging and can literally turn pool water green in a matter of hours!

Black Algae – A filamentous (thread-like) growth on the rough surfaces of the pool, black algae appears as black slippery spots on the walls and floor.  Can also form a protective coating, making it difficult to remove from your pool

Mustard Algae – This type of algae can appear as yellow or mustard colored spots on pool walls and floors that brushes off easily, but can be difficult to get rid of.  

When to Use Algae Prevention

Adding Aqua Chem algae preventatives like Algae Control as part of your weekly maintenance will prevent algae before it has a chance to take control of your pool.

When to Use Algae Treatment

If you already have an algae infestation, get it under control ASAP—treating it with the right algaecide products (Algae Eliminator and Algae Eliminator Max). ELIMINATOR will take care of green algae. and ELIMINATOR MAX will take care of green, black, and mustard algae.  Always add algaecides directly into your water near the visible algae growth and the day after, brush your walls, give it a good vacuuming and start using an algae preventative.

Fun Fact – Algae is already in your pool, you just can’t see it.  Your best defense is proactively sticking to your weekly maintenance routine and brushing the entire surface of your pool as part of that maintenance.